Tuesday, June 15, 2010

22 Things about me the Average Person wouldnt know.

So- Here is a few thing's alot of people wouldnt know!

1. I Am 22 years old, My birthday is June 13th and i love it because its in the summer, My favorite time of year!

2. I am called to marry a preacher.

3. I was a first grade assistant for 8 months and LOVED it.

4. I love love love shopping, especially for shoes. ;)

5. I sing. Mostly with my family or as a duet - I am NOT brave enough to sing a solo yet.

6. I have a very outgoing personality, and LOVE meeting people and learning about them, I will most likely talk to anyone {unless I Think your weird...LOL}

7. My favorite Color is Purple... Has been for some time! My wedding Colors are going to be purple and green.

8. My favorite verse in the Bible is Psalm 34: 4-5

9. I have an addiction to Texting and the computer...Not good I know!

10. Love all things southern. If its southern, I like it.

11. I want to live in Wyoming one day and have a ranch, with My cowboy husband;)

12. Love summertime. :))

13. I like to cook. I am getting better....

14. Love curling up on a cold night with a good book.

15. My dream is to go to Italy one of these days....<3

16. I like to blog- although sometimes im not to good at it....

17. I love tanning- Ahhh...:))

18. one of my favorite quotes are : Make your goals- God's Goals.

19. I love Icecream- A good ole fashion Vanilla will do! :)

20. Love taking pictures of people and pretty things- I want A Nikon!! :)) Its my dream!....

21. I live in Alaska- and has Lived in Israel. Ive been to Turkey, Cypres, Greece, England, And Germany.

22. I am waiting...On God to show me whome Im to marry one day!! :)

Well there it is....

With lots of Love,
- Hannah -

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